Bronxville Ballet NOT FOR SALE is teaming up with The Roger Lehecka

Double Discovery Center to offer Application and Career Support for both students​

and their families who express interest and promise in the arts and dance. 

For All Double Discovery Center Students

Arts Access and Career Counseling

​​For those students with expressed interest and promise in the arts and dance,

we offer arts access and counseling including:

  • Grant/Scholarship Application Support
  • Financial Planning Assistance ​
  • Post-Graduation Career Sneak Peek
  • ​Mental Wellness Counseling
  • "Best Fit" Arts College Advice
  • Dance World Internship Placement
  • ​Application Review
  • Audition and Dance Portfolio Preparation
  • College Arts + Dance Program Exposure​

No-Cost Dance Classes


Much Needed Access to ​Education and Counseling in the Arts and Dance

Arts Access and Career Counseling

For Students in the Arts/Dance Seeking College Admission

How it works... a Conversation.

​​Bronxville Ballet NOT FOR SALE is offering no-cost recreational dance classes on

Columbia University's campus as part of the Healthy Minds & Bodies programming.

​​We start with a conversation.  Sitting down and speaking with students in the arts is the best way to align expectations and objectives with the reality of the process of pursuing education and a career in the arts.

Our conversation can then progress through not only the arts/dance college application process, but even a sneak peek into the business of dance and what careers look like post-graduation.